iSoftBet is on Macao time

G2E ASIA … here we go!

Time flies when you’re doing what you love, and we at iSoftBet couldn’t be happier to be present right now in the most important show on the Asian online gambling market, at Venetian Macao’s GLOBAL GAMING G2E ASIA.

If you didn’t get the memo and this is news to you, don’t worry, there is still time for you to come to the venue, meet us and get a chance for a one-on-one discussion on our games, business and favourite local foods!

Short recap: between the 17th and the 19th of May 2016, iSoftBet will be presenting its best and most valuable games at the yearly held exhibition in the city of Macao, where you can find us at stand 1745.

This is one show we know you would not want to miss … this trip is going to pay off! Bring your enthusiasm and meet us at the exhibition so we can dazzle you with our state-of-the-art productions.

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More action you say? Enlist into Platoon Wild!

Who doesn’t love a good sequel?! The challenge of outshining its predecessor, the high expectations, the question on everybody’s
lips whether the story was smoothly reshaped, it all adds to the pleasure of witnessing the final outcome. We had a chance to feel this creative tension with PLATOON WILD, a game we soon expect to become your favourite go-to game.

As if iSoftBet’s PLATOON wasn’t successful enough (you can play a demo
here), soon after its launch we thought on new ways to improve it. So, why not turn these changes into a new game? A caliber follow-up that brings different features and special prizes.

Crazy about free spins? Of course you get some in PLATOON WILD
accompanied by special symbols such as WILD and, because we just could not decide, we’ve designed for your amusement two versions: one with progressive Jackpots and one with fixed amount Jackpots!

Yes, Jackpots – plural!

As we prepare to launch PLATOON WILD, we’re thankful that all the hard work as well as the long hours we invested in at iSoftBet paid off as we created a game that can stand on its own, sure to be like its older sibling, a success.

Stay tuned, be part of the platoon and play alongside your comrades in the brand new PLATOON WILD.

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iSoftBet is going to G2E Asia

And so should you!

It’s been quite an interesting ride from the very beginning, when presenting iSoftBet’s first games in rather local exibitions was an exciting event, which is why we do not take for granted our presence in any major shows, such as the fabulous ICE in London where we were present in February or our next destination, the city of Macao!

Notorious for surpassing even the famous Las Vegas as the world leader in gambling revenue, Macao will be hosting its yearly GLOBAL GAMING G2E ASIA in May, where we are going full speed ahead to exhibit our latest and
very best games released. Our main attraction this time will be Astro Magic, but we are also bringing along Super Fast Hot Hot and Shaolin Spin, two of the games we would love to share with you – try a demo here!

We will have a stand where you can come and greet our colleagues that will be travelling from London but also from our new office in Manila, Philippines. Better yet, so we can devote our full attention to you or your business, contact us beforehand so we can arrange a meeting.

May is just around the corner, which means mark your calendar, pack your bags and prepare for the awesome GLOBAL GAMING G2E ASIA at the VENETIAN MACAO between the 17th and the 19th of May 2016, where you can find us at stand 1745.

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Neon Reels – The future is here and it’s as slick as it can be

We love what we do, which is why we treat every game with the same attention and dedication, hoping it will reflect in all the products we release, but every now and then, life happens and a brilliant idea comes to surface in form of a melody, a painting, an exquisite dish or an underground feminist hardcore punk movement.

Neon Reels is such an example of how a great idea, through hard work,
drive and obviously iSoftBet’s originality, can become the perfect illustration of quality and class in the online casino games genre.

With slick attitude, killer 3D design and futuristic surroundings, Neon Reels is a unique and ground-breaking upgrade to the world of slots and reels – you can learn more about its features here or you can play a demo here.

Like any parent or creator, we cannot possibly pick a favourite, as everything we develop is equally important to us and admired by our players, but what we can do is admit when something special came to life in one of our iSoftBet studios.

It gave us great pleasure to unleash a pioneer in the world of online casino games: Neon Reels.

P.S. We’re thinking about a sequel to Neon Reels and it may soon be in the works: Neon Roulette. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

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iSoftBet at ICE 2016 – The Aftermath!

We broke the ice in 2016, as we continued our long tradition of exhibiting our best and freshest games in London’s yearly Ice Totally Gaming 2016, a perfect way for us to start the year with a bang!

What did we do?

For three days, we were able to put on display the games we worked on so
relentlessly last year, as well as give a sneak preview to some of the games which have not yet been launched.

Once again, this year we put our best efforts into making the most amazing stand, where everybody was lured in and welcomed to play a wide range of iSoftBet games.

In addition, visitors had a chance for a meet and greet with us – it was
great to chat with so many awesome people and we wrote a special ‘thank you note’ on our website, here.