iSoftBet celebrating ICE

That is: ICE Total Gaming 2017!

Smack in the middle of winter, on a foggy, hostile February day, the last
thing you want to hear is “ice” unless it is rapidly but unmistakably followed by “cream”. Nevertheless, the ICE we’re talking about is a yearly
celebration of games, entertainment, future partnerships, harmless
chatting about our favourite slots in a festive atmosphere. Of course,
it’s the famous ICE Total Gaming 2017!

Our Romanian colleagues took some time off, as did our colleagues from
the Manila office and joined us. Together we made ICE 2017 not only an
event to remember, but also a statement of unity in diversity, a fearless concept in this global turmoil we find ourselves in. At the end of the day, it seems that our passion for quality entertainment and our common goal to reach greatness is what brings us closer to our dreams.

Like Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, the London based ICE is a major
event in the iSoftBet family. One we attend willingly and gleefully each year, without having to dread political conversations with our distant relatives. In a labyrinth of delights, each corner at ICE hides goodies, pleasant surprises one of which was obviously the iSoftBet stand. Many lucky people found their way to our booth, some of them old partners that dropped by just to chat with us, some new clients lured in by a successful combo – a humongous screen showing off our Game Aggregation Platform back-to-back with our very own Head of Games, Alex Popescu.

Each year, we prepare for ICE, assembling a fine portfolio of games, classics as well as new launches. Each and every time we are overwhelmed
with enthusiastic guests that decide right then and there that these are,
yet again, hit games. This year, Forest Mania was crowned unanimously as superstar, a fresh game that saw the light of day in early February. We
cannot decide what made it such a hit: the random Wild symbols, the 2 sets of 5 reels, one with 4 rows and the other with 12, the Wild Reels or the Free Spins that lead the way to the 100 winning lines! By all means, pick one and the game is still a masterpiece.

What is next on the iSoftBet agenda? Apart from working passionately on new games for our devoted players, we carefully plan our next steps and prepare for yet another top event at the Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia) in Macau.

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iSoftBet featuring TypeScript present

Next generation games!

iSoftBet continues its legacy of innovation and is ready to welcome more efficient technologies that will improve players’ gaming experience. When we’re not busy creating awesome games for your personal entertainment, we’re searching for other ways to upgrade our games, such as last year’s warm welcome Bitcoin received.


This time around, we could not ignore the waves made by the latest programming language, TypeScript. What is TypeScript and what appetizers go well with it? This is a free and open-source programming language developed by Microsoft® that compiles to clean JavaScript output. In other words, it’s an upgrade in the programming department, a hot deal we could not resist!

But enough of this fancy chit-chat, what does this actually mean for the players? So you can fully understand what this does for our games, we’ve put together a short list of advantages that come with the implementation of TypeScript:

  • ✔ works on both desktop and mobile;
  • ✔ uses latest web technologies;
  • ✔ fast rendering via webGL (Web Graphics Library);
  • ✔ fast download through best practice compression and transfer techniques;
  • ✔ adaptable to any resolution and scale;
  • ✔ HTML 5 at its finest.

We expect the first game to adopt the TypeScript code to be released in March, when you can have a glimpse at how things are going to look like in the future.


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Another Big Win Powered by iSoftBet

Diamond Wild on

It has become an iSoftBet tradition to celebrate big win milestones as a way of sharing our happiest and most important moments with our loyal players. To keep the tradition alive, we are happy to announce the latest BIG WIN that occurred recently in one of our most appreciated slot games, Diamond Wild!

Diamond Wild Big Win Image

Congratulations are in order for the lucky player that won an impressive 101,360 GBP while simply enjoying quality entertainment provided by our 5-reel slot game, Diamond Wild on BGO.COM.

We always strive to outdo ourselves and keep up with the needs of our players, as well as the changes in the casino market, such as new top-notch technology or launching diverse yet first-rate games. Nevertheless, we couldn’t be more excited that our players still appreciate to this day a game like Diamond Wild, a perfect example of a clean yet classy slot game that has become throughout the years a real trademark
on iSoftBet’s portfolio.

But what makes Diamond Wild such a fine-tuned hit? We believe it’s a healthy mixture of not-so-secret ingredients such as 20 pay lines and 5
Progressive Jackpots, the old-school classic symbols decorating the reels like the lucky sevens, the BAR, the liberty bells, cherries and the diamonds as well as familiar casino uproar. However, the brightest diamond of the crown is without a doubt the generous winnings that keep on giving!

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Paranormal winnings with iSoftBet

Crawling into broad daylight, Paranormal Activity is here to stay!

A week ago today, we launched our brand new slot game, Paranormal
, and after such a short amount of time, we can officially say it: “It’s a hit!”. What started simply as a Halloween surprise ended up being one of the best-received iSoftBet games to date. As expected, the unveiling made waves of excitement on all casinos as players were captivated by the gameplay. The secret? We owe it first and foremost to all the supernatural features that lurk on all reels as the scary Wild and the frightening Scatter, as well as the Bonus round filled with Free Spins from beyond and Multipliers that seal the deal and lure more winnings than ever!

More so, to celebrate this event in a top notch manner as well as to put
into the spotlight our thematic games, we have devised a cool promotion,
with two types of games: FEAR and FUN. Team Fear includes the spooky, spine-chilling games we have in our repertoire, Paranormal Activity and Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, while Team Fun is focused on scary but amusing games such as Spooky Family and The Best Witch. You can win amazing prizes no matter which you choose – you can have a look at the leaderboard here. For more details about this promotion, you can check with your operator.

If all this has sparked an interest but you feel you’re not properly acquainted with our Halloween-themed game, rest assure that we’ve done our homework and built a friendly mini website. This is an interactive handbook where you can find all the information you need to know on Paranormal Activity such as special features, a few math details, special symbols and get an all-around feel of the game. Once accustomed with all the facts, get comfortable and start spinning!

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Halloween is just around the corner

…and so is Paranormal Activity!


No tricks here, only treats as iSoftBet notoriously accustomed its players, spoiled them with amazing games and fabulous winnings and this Halloween we make no exception. Recently captured from iSoftBet’s inventiveness, we cautiously bring to your attention our brand new slot game, Paranormal Activity, a 5-reel sensation that will see the light of day just in time for a genuine Halloween thrill!

More than just scary costumes, tasty candies and pumpkin flavoured everything, Halloween is all about entertainment and thrilling moments. In celebration, iSoftBet conceived a spine-chilling slot game that pumps your blood rapidly in anticipation, using jittery animations, moving shadows and a session of blood curling sound effects complete with shaky breath, intensified heartbeat and creaking doors.

What out-of-this-world attractions complete the tenebrous vibe of the game? Haunted houses? Check! Unexplainable phenomena? Check! Bonus wheel round with free spins or an instant win? Check, check aaand check! Feel the presence as you spin the reels, and use the inexplicable to your advantage including the three different types of free spins that possess your balance through increasing multipliers, extra WILD symbols and paranormal winnings!

With such an unsettling atmosphere be advised that strange events are
inevitable and highly random, so use all of the 243 ways to win over the
benevolent spirits, that will generate up to 5 extra WILD symbols, frozen in place at the start of any normal spin.

Light up your Jack-o’-lantern to remove all strange-looking shadows and start spinning. Feel the spine-chilling sensation as Paranormal Activity will take over your heart rate, all in the name of quality entertainment and, of course, paranormal winnings!

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iSoftBet launches Skulls of Legend at sea!

Strong wins ahead!

Last month, we made a significant noise that September will mark the beginning of a new and exciting era in iSoftBet’s evolution, where the focus will be on showering our long-term loyal players as well as new ones alike, with some excellent surprises. Now low and behold, our first big news: we’re proudly launching at sea our exciting new slot game, Skulls of Legend!

The ship of adventure will depart from iSoftBet’s shores as of 6th of September, leaving behind the tedious routine we all dread! This marks the start of your exciting and inspiring voyage, in a sea of winnings where 3 or more Scatter ship symbols will trigger the Bonus round, that awards one of four free rounds, a one-of-a-kind event you need to be part of!

Plenty of time was dedicated to make sure that the visual effects are sketched so skillfully that you will feel the wind swipe through your hair and the rough sea struggle underneath you. The brilliant soundtrack perfectly aligns with the visual, intensifying the adventurous tone with seagulls, sea sounds and pirate songs that put you in the middle of the action!

Don’t waste another second, and step on the deck alongside your captain, where among the other pirates you will embark into a brave adventure that will take you through the land of the reels and lucky combinations! To emerge from this journey as experienced winners, we will supply you with the whole package: glow in the dark skulls that turn into sticky wilds, free spins bonuses and 30 lucky combinations that will bring you one-step closer to the buried treasure.

Exciting quests lie ahead of you as we hid the treasure map, sprinkled clues along the way and guided your steps to the 4 different free spins! Fill up your own treasure chest by following our advice: aim the rhum barrel to release 7 free spins, remember that a pirates shows no quarter, this will award 15 free spins, brace yourself for stormy weather, but do not lose your temper, as this will trigger 14 free spins and when you feel lost at sea, use your compass, which will lead your ship straight to the 10 free spins!

There she blows! The first of many surprises has unfolded and be certain that many more await patiently in iSoftBet’ssecret volt to be unleashed
and bring tons of winnings!

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Big winnings with iSoftBet’s Diamond Wild

We love making quality games and releasing them into the “Wild World Web” for players to discover and enjoy, but what we treasure most about
what we do is when big winnings hit the players’ pockets. This is why we are thrilled to announce that an amazing prize has been won on an iSoftBet game!

Needless to say, all our heart-warming congratulations are heading towards the fortunate winner that hit the lucky combination in one of our favourite game, Diamond Wild, earning a well-deserved prize of 150 BTC (80.000 EUR)!!!

Some time ago we proudly announced that iSoftBet is ready to open its doors wide to Bitcoin as a way of keeping up with the innovations and new technologies, shoulder to shoulder with our very first partner that endorses Bitcoin, SoftSwiss Casino Software – bitStarz, and now we have the first big winner! We understand that for many gamers, spinning the reels is not just an entertainment gimmick but a real way of life and thus we hope our lucky player can finally feel the perks of steady playing our finest iSoftBet games.

Sometimes words don’t do justice to describe our games and we believe the latest news is the perfect example of publicity done right, when the product delivers what it’s meant to: entertainment and winnings! This is why iSoftBet is proud to have such a complex and diverse portfolio of games that, not only are top-notch quality, but also bring one of the biggest winnings any slot machine gamer could hope for!

Raise your glasses and spin the reels once more to salute our lucky winner’s gain and let’s continue to enjoy iSoftBet games as they were made: with passion and excitement!

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iSoftBet – Skulls of Legend

Ahoy, new game on the horizon!

Emerging from the depths of the deep blue seas, parting waves and cracking the stillness of the calm wilderness, gather closely to salute
iSoftBet’s new game, soon to be launched at sea, Skulls of Legend!

A good story always begins with a promising character, backed by an outstanding setting and our story makes no exception! We have pirates, ghostly ships, exotic parakeets, swords and cutlasses, skulls that glow in the dark and turn into sticky wilds, four different free spins bonuses and 30 lines, that is to say 30 more possibilities for you to win!

We kept busy at iSoftBet, putting together pieces to complete the puzzle that would shape a universe where pirates roam the seas freely in search of lucky spins and wicked winning lines, all paired up by exceptional graphic representations.

We bid you farewell and fair luck as you take a voyage across the seas of reels to find your way on the map, to a treasure-chest filled with adventure and heavy winnings. Make no mistake, the adventure is only just beginning and pirates are everywhere, but we will provide a compass to find your way through the oceanic maze, a storm that clears your path and a rhum barrel to celebrate the longed-for victory!

All hands on deck! Sea legs as well! Keep an eye on the future release of an
iSoftBet tale you must be part of, Skulls of Legend and navigate through the symbols to discover the winning combination that will fill you up on gold and riches!

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iSoftBet welcomes Bitcoin

Times are changing and so are we!

iSoftBet has always kept a close watch for new ideas or cutting edge technologies that could improve our work and add value to our fun, smart and accessible games. It goes without saying that we live in an era where such is the pace of the information flow that if you blink you’ll likely miss out on something important.

We like to take risks and stay ahead of the game, which is why it should be to no surprise that we chose to step up to the challenge and introduce our players to a new concept: a Bitcoin casino! No more currency, less time spent with paperwork, more time playing the games you love!

Neon Reels XBT

We are thankful we have players all across the world and we know they value their time. Because time is of essence even when playing, we think
that Bitcoin will help simplify and rush the procedures so that they can focus on the most important thing: the game.

With no time to waste, we set the wheels in motion and now we can proudly say we have our first partner that endorses Bitcoin, SoftSwiss Casino Software – bitStarz the first of many to come.

Here’s an awesome gameplay video:

So take a leap of faith and jump on board the Bitcoin express, our next stop: iSoftBet’s finest games!

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iSoftBet @G2E: Success, thy name is Macao!

Oh boy, do we have reasons to celebrate! As we bring down the curtain on another major league exhibit, we declare the recent and wonderful Global Gaming Expo Asia held in Macao a roaring success … but don’t take our word for granted, here’s a quick timeline overview:

As we had hoped, our games did very well with the warm and enthusiastic public. As a result we were approached by many companies and individuals that showed their interest and appreciation for all iSoftBet products. Our colleagues from the newly opened Manila office in the Philippines took it upon themselves to keep in contact and follow through with all these new potential partners.

Shaolin Spin was the big hit this year, but we could not be more proud of Astro Magic, a game that delighted every guest that stepped in our booth to say “hi” and enjoy a good round of casino fun – you can play a demo for both here.

This is what every gaming company hopes for, as our games are meant to please the public as well as confirm our peers’ admiration.

We also had the pleasure to meet up with current partners, people we rarely meet face to face due to distance or conflicting schedule. This time around, we had a chance to sit down and talk to them about upcoming projects, future games we could work on or what we can improve in the near future.

Looking back on these busy days, we consider our time at the Macao G2E Asia exhibit well spent and it gives us the boost we need to keep on doing what we know best: quality games!

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