Neon Reels – The future is here and it’s as slick as it can be

We love what we do, which is why we treat every game with the same attention and dedication, hoping it will reflect in all the products we release, but every now and then, life happens and a brilliant idea comes to surface in form of a melody, a painting, an exquisite dish or an underground feminist hardcore punk movement.

Neon Reels is such an example of how a great idea, through hard work,
drive and obviously iSoftBet’s originality, can become the perfect illustration of quality and class in the online casino games genre.

With slick attitude, killer 3D design and futuristic surroundings, Neon Reels is a unique and ground-breaking upgrade to the world of slots and reels – you can learn more about its features here or you can play a demo here.

Like any parent or creator, we cannot possibly pick a favourite, as everything we develop is equally important to us and admired by our players, but what we can do is admit when something special came to life in one of our iSoftBet studios.

It gave us great pleasure to unleash a pioneer in the world of online casino games: Neon Reels.

P.S. We’re thinking about a sequel to Neon Reels and it may soon be in the works: Neon Roulette. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

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