More action you say? Enlist into Platoon Wild!

Who doesn’t love a good sequel?! The challenge of outshining its predecessor, the high expectations, the question on everybody’s
lips whether the story was smoothly reshaped, it all adds to the pleasure of witnessing the final outcome. We had a chance to feel this creative tension with PLATOON WILD, a game we soon expect to become your favourite go-to game.

As if iSoftBet’s PLATOON wasn’t successful enough (you can play a demo
here), soon after its launch we thought on new ways to improve it. So, why not turn these changes into a new game? A caliber follow-up that brings different features and special prizes.

Crazy about free spins? Of course you get some in PLATOON WILD
accompanied by special symbols such as WILD and, because we just could not decide, we’ve designed for your amusement two versions: one with progressive Jackpots and one with fixed amount Jackpots!

Yes, Jackpots – plural!

As we prepare to launch PLATOON WILD, we’re thankful that all the hard work as well as the long hours we invested in at iSoftBet paid off as we created a game that can stand on its own, sure to be like its older sibling, a success.

Stay tuned, be part of the platoon and play alongside your comrades in the brand new PLATOON WILD.

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