iSoftBet featuring TypeScript present

Next generation games!

iSoftBet continues its legacy of innovation and is ready to welcome more efficient technologies that will improve players’ gaming experience. When we’re not busy creating awesome games for your personal entertainment, we’re searching for other ways to upgrade our games, such as last year’s warm welcome Bitcoin received.


This time around, we could not ignore the waves made by the latest programming language, TypeScript. What is TypeScript and what appetizers go well with it? This is a free and open-source programming language developed by Microsoft® that compiles to clean JavaScript output. In other words, it’s an upgrade in the programming department, a hot deal we could not resist!

But enough of this fancy chit-chat, what does this actually mean for the players? So you can fully understand what this does for our games, we’ve put together a short list of advantages that come with the implementation of TypeScript:

  • ✔ works on both desktop and mobile;
  • ✔ uses latest web technologies;
  • ✔ fast rendering via webGL (Web Graphics Library);
  • ✔ fast download through best practice compression and transfer techniques;
  • ✔ adaptable to any resolution and scale;
  • ✔ HTML 5 at its finest.

We expect the first game to adopt the TypeScript code to be released in March, when you can have a glimpse at how things are going to look like in the future.


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