Halloween is just around the corner

…and so is Paranormal Activity!


No tricks here, only treats as iSoftBet notoriously accustomed its players, spoiled them with amazing games and fabulous winnings and this Halloween we make no exception. Recently captured from iSoftBet’s inventiveness, we cautiously bring to your attention our brand new slot game, Paranormal Activity, a 5-reel sensation that will see the light of day just in time for a genuine Halloween thrill!

More than just scary costumes, tasty candies and pumpkin flavoured everything, Halloween is all about entertainment and thrilling moments. In celebration, iSoftBet conceived a spine-chilling slot game that pumps your blood rapidly in anticipation, using jittery animations, moving shadows and a session of blood curling sound effects complete with shaky breath, intensified heartbeat and creaking doors.

What out-of-this-world attractions complete the tenebrous vibe of the game? Haunted houses? Check! Unexplainable phenomena? Check! Bonus wheel round with free spins or an instant win? Check, check aaand check! Feel the presence as you spin the reels, and use the inexplicable to your advantage including the three different types of free spins that possess your balance through increasing multipliers, extra WILD symbols and paranormal winnings!

With such an unsettling atmosphere be advised that strange events are
inevitable and highly random, so use all of the 243 ways to win over the
benevolent spirits, that will generate up to 5 extra WILD symbols, frozen in place at the start of any normal spin.

Light up your Jack-o’-lantern to remove all strange-looking shadows and start spinning. Feel the spine-chilling sensation as Paranormal Activity will take over your heart rate, all in the name of quality entertainment and, of course, paranormal winnings!

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