iSoftBet – Skulls of Legend

Ahoy, new game on the horizon!

Emerging from the depths of the deep blue seas, parting waves and cracking the stillness of the calm wilderness, gather closely to salute
iSoftBet’s new game, soon to be launched at sea, Skulls of Legend!

A good story always begins with a promising character, backed by an outstanding setting and our story makes no exception! We have pirates, ghostly ships, exotic parakeets, swords and cutlasses, skulls that glow in the dark and turn into sticky wilds, four different free spins bonuses and 30 lines, that is to say 30 more possibilities for you to win!

We kept busy at iSoftBet, putting together pieces to complete the puzzle that would shape a universe where pirates roam the seas freely in search of lucky spins and wicked winning lines, all paired up by exceptional graphic representations.

We bid you farewell and fair luck as you take a voyage across the seas of reels to find your way on the map, to a treasure-chest filled with adventure and heavy winnings. Make no mistake, the adventure is only just beginning and pirates are everywhere, but we will provide a compass to find your way through the oceanic maze, a storm that clears your path and a rhum barrel to celebrate the longed-for victory!

All hands on deck! Sea legs as well! Keep an eye on the future release of an
iSoftBet tale you must be part of, Skulls of Legend and navigate through the symbols to discover the winning combination that will fill you up on gold and riches!

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